Composites are used extensively in the marine industry from fiberglass hulls through to composite marine fendering to marine renewable energy applications.  There are many advantages to using composites in marine applications such as;

In our 10,500 sq/ft factory we are able to provide design and manufacture services for the marine industry including machining, 3D printing, mould making/design, composite repair and also large scale production depending on the project.

carbon fiber mast spreader
Carbon Fibre mast spreader

From concept through to production, the Carbon Fibre mast spreader went through several iterations to get to the final part. Every design change is logged and recorded in production documents.

nacra fcs 2 mast repair
NACRA FCS 20 mast repair

We regularly undertake composite repairs for marine applications, the image above shows a NACRA FCS 20 catamaran mast undergoing repair. For more information on our repairs services, either contact us or view our dedicated repairs page.


At Advanced Composite Solutions, we use Durepox high-performance marine protection paint coatings.