Advanced Composite Solutions can manufacture low-cost proof of concepts using the latest 3D printing technology allowing us to print prototypes in ABS or standard PLA filament. We are able to print individual items up to 255 x 205 x 205mm and also.

Alternatively, we can use bureau services for SLS/SLA models which allows testing for functionality, saving considerable time and money if the design needs tweaking. We can also make a low cost epoxy CNC tool and produce a composite component for one-off samples using our Thermwood 5-axis CNC machine.


Your project may require testing in order to establish/confirm its performance and usability. We are able to perform certain tests on site and produce reports with our findings or we can arrange for a prototype to be sent away for testing. We have extensive experience of product testing, particular in the automotive field, and have numerous contacts within the industry in order to provide you with a complete prototyping service.
prototyping services