Advanced Composite Solutions is acknowledged in the industry worldwide as being a highly accomplished and skilled carbon fibre composite design, repair and manufacturing company. We are an ISO9001 approved company crafting the finest polished or painted autoclaved Carbon Fibre pre-preg composite parts. Advanced Composite Solutions offers many composite services including in-house CNC machined alloy or Carbon composite tooling design and manufacture including manufacture of genuine A-surface composite tooling for high volume manufacturing use.

We supply to the UK and export to overseas businesses and retail consumers with bespoke or batch produced, high quality, repeatable Carbon Fibre parts. We also manufacture a diverse range of Carbon composite parts for the electronics, communications, marine, home, construction and automotive markets.

We have extensive experience and specialize in autoclaving processes, tied in with our ability to machine alloy tools, alloy or epoxy patterns, or epoxy moulds or accurately trim composite parts using our 5 Axis CNC router, and Haas VF4. Checking of accuracy and quality using our FARO inspection arm or white light scanner, you will always be sure that you are receiving the highest quality Carbon Fibre goods and/or tools on the market.


At Advanced Composite Solutions, we predominantly use pre-impregnated epoxy thermoset composite materials to ensure that high fibre contents can be achieved consistently. We also vacuum bag and autoclave nearly all components to further ensure low void contents and trapped volatiles to maximize inter-laminar shear properties by forcing the various layers in the fibre/resin matrix together. This process results in high quality lightweight parts achievable time and time again, with low void content and surface pin-holing.