At Advanced Composite Solutions we also cater for high-end bespoke projects that require are typically low volume but require unmatched levels of quality and finish. We have been involved in a diverse range of projects from musical instruments to furniture and are able to deliver stunning results. 


The Marea chaise lounge is built for Jules Sturges design and made up of two totally separate autoclaved carbon sections, anchored together at a critical strain point by the central titanium hub. Its rakish profile is almost invisible when viewed from the side and takes the form of the chaise longue to a cantilevered extreme. 

Despite its strength, enough flexure has been designed into the laminate to allow the piece to change shape slightly under load. Due to this dynamic flexure, Marea fits the reclined body perfectly, removing any need for padding, much like the lightweight seats of racing cars.

Images courtesy of Jules Sturges Design: