At Advanced Composite Solutions, we offer repair services on almost any composite items, be it race/road cars, bikes, boats, yachts and more.

We can quote to offer you small Autoclaved or oven cured pre-preg repairs to damaged areas, small or larger wet laminated repairs or simply stripping off and refinishing chipped, scratched, dented or peeling/lifting clear coats to restore cosmetics.

All repairs are undertaken on our premises in Colchester, Essex. 


We have a 4 ton 2 post car lift for automotive repairs having previously repaired and re-skinned parts for Audi R8s, Bugatti Veyrons, Ferraris, Lotus and Formula 1. Our customers return to us because we repair to the highest of cosmetic standards, on time and to the price quoted.

We can give estimates from photographs and full written fixed quotations when presented with the vehicle and its damage.


The gallery below shows some examples of repairs we have undertaken:

Examples of composite damage that we can repair:

spray painting booth



There are a number of different options availble when it comes to repairing composite part damage and we have listed the five different options we use to tackle various examples of Carbon Fibre damage. Every repair job is unique and a full assessment of what is required can only be achieved when we have the damaged parts at our premesis. We will then discuss with you the most appropriate repair option and required level of finish.

Use existing customer-supplied mould tooling if available to make Autoclaved or oven cured pre-preg or wet laminated repair sections. These are then wet layed or pre-preg laminated back into the component.

Reverse engineer the part by collecting FARO data points to produce a 3D CAD model and then machine the required male or female tooling from epoxy tooling block on our Thermwood 5-axis CNC router.

Cutaway damaged area and scarf grind the laminate. Sheet wax over the missing area and wet laminate staggered layers of Carbon Fibre across to re-form the area to the required thickness. 

If the part is thin and flimsy or has hollow areas, we can manufacture small epoxy putty or high TG wet laminated fiberglass or Carbon Fibre mould tools off mirrored areas of the part.

Wet lay epoxy into the rear of the part, carefully grinding away the surface ply and set in a new piece of low temperature cure pre-preg to match the weave. Popular for  for cosmetic repairs where no mould tool exists.


For all repair inquiries, please outline your specific requirements to and attach as many high resolution photos/videos of the damaged areas as possible. For large file sizes, please use WeTransfer or similar service.